Getting Started

Firstly, before you do anything else, if you haven’t yet checked out the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) site on Starting a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), we suggest you click on this link which will initially give you the Government’s perspective on the process required to register an RTO.

Becoming registered as an RTO can be quite a complex process. So, why become a Registered Training Organisation?

Only RTOs can:

  • Issue nationally-recognised VET qualifications and statements of attainment 
  • Apply for state and Commonwealth Government funding 
  • Offer training to overseas students 

Trying to find the right forms and sourcing all the correct information can be a very frustrating and confusing process, and then making sure you can demonstrate that you meet the requirements of running your own RTO is very time consuming.

When submitting your initial application to ASQA one of the very first activities that you should focus on is that you need to demonstrate your organisation’s Financial Viability. You do this by completing the Financial viability risk assessment pack. You can submit your pack up to 30 days before, or at the same time as, your initial registration application. 

Below are just some of the Activities that need to be completed when preparing your submission:

This list illustrates a number of the forms and activities that are required to be completed, and it is by no means exhaustive of the extensive planning, activities, tasks, expenses and considerations that are required to be provided in your initial application…. And this is one of the main reasons why so many potential applicants seek the expertise of a professional RTO consulting firm. You only get one chance, so it is vital that your submission is done right the first time.  

However, following are some of the more significant forms, steps and activities required to be completed for your submission:

  • Preparation of your Financial Viability Assessment Kits from a Certified Practicing Accountant
  • Preparation of your online application with ASQA, including self-assessment and completion of all ASQA forms;
  • A comprehensive Policies and Procedures manual, that has been written in line with the requirements of the VET Quality Framework, and addresses all activities within your organization when you are operating as an RTO
  • Student Handbook that includes all the relevant policies and procedures for your students
  • Trainers Handbook, that includes all the relevant policies and procedures for your trainers

You will also be required to demonstrate a need from industry that the training you are seeking to implement is in need and demand by industry, and you will need to provide solid evidence to substantiate this.

You will have to prepare a comprehensive Business Plan and including a three-year (minimum) Financial Projection overview. The Business Plan will need to be professionally presented and include information on your marketing, advertising, management, staff, finance resources and overall operations.

You will need to know what nationally recognised training you want to initially apply for, and also where you might want to deliver this training … if you’re not totally sure of the titles and codes of the training you are intending to apply for, it’s a good idea to visit and you will find the exact course and qualification you are searching for.

Carry out all business and legal checks such as: Financial Viability Risk Assessment, Fit and Proper Person Declaration, Police Checks, local Council premises approval. Also you will need to consider any special licence requirements (for example, if you delivering Hospitality)

You also have to develop a wide range of information and documentation, which include compliant policies, procedures, systems and evidence for managing your RTO to the national quality standards and the registering body.

Provide and / or develop contextualised and compliant training and assessment materials/resources to demonstrate capability to conduct training and assessment to the national quality standards 

Validate your training and assessment resources and seek industry feedback to ensure your resources are compliant and they must remain compliant.

…. And this is where National RTO Consultants (NRC)  are experts. Contact us today if you want to get it right the first time (you only have one chance) and you can be an RTO in a few short months.


NRC can provide you with your own personal RTO consultant to help you gain clarification on what an RTO is and if starting your own RTO is right for you.

For only $497, you can have your questions answered. Your consultant will:

  • Help you decide if starting an RTO is for you
  • Discuss the RTO application process
  • Look at the systems and procedures required to start your own RTO
  • Make sure you meet the requirements for running an RTO
  • Discuss the timeframes of becoming an RTO
  • Discuss and review your business plan requirements
  • Discuss the financial risks of running your own RTO
  • Look at the alternatives and other options to becoming an RTO.

To book your 1 hour consultation please call 1300 857 422

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